Keep on going

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I spoke to a physio colleague the other day about a patient who hadn’t made much progress recently.

This patient hadn’t been very compliant with their physio exercises and was becoming frustrated that they were not feeling better. We discussed that it might be enough for this patient to first continue the exercises they had at the same level rather than looking for progress st every appointment.

I’ve had physio recently and this made me consider my own situation. One of the most frustrating aspects of rehab is doing the exercises. People look for excuses not to do them (I’m just as guilty):

💭 “I’m busy with work”

💭 “I’m too tired”

💭 “I can’t be bothered – it probably won’t work anyway”

💭 “I’ll do them at the weekend”

If you don’t do the work, you won’t get the results.

As healthcare professionals part of our job is coaching people through the plateaus they might hit and helping them to see the progress that lies on the other side.